By The Day

Hankering to spend some time outdoors?  Eager to hit the trail?  Want to learn to shoot a bow and arrow and throw a tomahawk?  What a coincidence… we have a place that lets you do all that and more!

Sometimes there’s just not enough time for an extended vacation, or even a weekend getaway, so you have to pack adventure into just a few hours.  Luckily you live close enough to MeadowLake Ranch that you can do just that.

At MeadowLake Ranch you can shoot a bow & arrow, learn to throw a tomahawk, rope a straw steer, have a picnic lunch, watch birds & wildlife, hike & bike scenic trails, throw horseshoes,  take a hayride and relax by an evening campfire… all in the same day!

Call (918) 494-6000 to book your adventure today.

Want to stay & play?

Bed & Breakfast Packages

Map & Driving Directions

Because we are a small ranch with limited capacity it is difficult to re-book your time if you cancel your event, so we have had to adopt a strict ‘no refund’ policy.  We have a limited number of cowboys, tractors, space, etc. so please make sure your times and days work for you and your group BEFORE you book your Day Trip.  Thank you for understanding.
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