Horseshoes & Hammocks

Horseshoe pitching has been the official pasttime of ranchers for over 100 years.  Before Iphones, internet, TV and even radio people engaged in this really cool thing called… wait for it… conversation.  Yep, no kidding, people actually talked to one another.

Nobody knows how the game of Horseshoe Pitching came to be, but I think it was probably during one of these ‘conversations’.  I imagine a blacksmith had just finished for the day when a customer came riding up,  “Can you come back tomorrow?  I’m just lockin up”, says the blacksmith.  The rancher says, “Nope, I’ve got to be back at the ranch by morning and my horse is about to lose his shoe”.

So the blacksmith pulls off the loose shoe and tosses it to the side where it almost wraps around a well pipe sticking out of the ground.  They both laugh at the ringing sound and the lucky throw.  Then the rancher gets a wry grin and says, “Hand me a couple of those.  I’ll bet I can throw mine closer to that pipe than you can”.  “Betcha can’t”, says the blacksmith, and the game of horseshoes was invented (I just made that up, but I’ll bet it’s close).

Anyway, it’s more fun than you can shake a stick at.  (I know, I just ended a sentence in a preposition, but did you know they changed that rule decades ago?  Go ahead, end a sentence this way, live a little, dangle a participle…  you know you’ve always wanted to.)

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