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I know you’ve heard the stories… “Me and my buddy, Bubba, got up at 3 am, it was cold as a witches !*&.  We drove 300 miles north, 17 hrs through a blinding snowstorm, got stuck twice, spent a bazillion dollars on gas, twice that on a hotel and meals, couldn’t find a decent hunting spot, stayed 5 days and brought back 3 birds”.  Like Ron White says, “You can’t fix Stupid”.

At MeadowLake Ranch we offer Pheasant & Quail Hunts – By The Day or Annual Package!  Got Pheasant Fever?  Ailing to go Quailing?  A cure surely awaits you at MeadowLake Ranch (it’s like a hospital for hunters).  We’re just 15 minutes west of downtown Tulsa, you can sleep in your own bed, have a big breakfast, read the paper, watch the news and casually head this way.  By the time your truck warms up you’ll already be here.

Hard-flying Ringnecks and Bobwhites in a Natural Huntscape make this the closest thing to an Easy Walk, Wild Hunt you’ve ever seen.  Bring your buddies and book a big ‘ol Pheasant Hunt or Quail Hunt TODAY!

Like to FISH?  Did I mention that we also offer Trophy Largemouth Fishing in spring-fed lakes?  Our lake record bass is 13 lbs, 12 oz.  Trying to imagine how big that is?  Let me help you put it in perspective… what did your first child weigh at birth?  This fish was almost TWICE the weight of that beautiful baby.

  P.S.:  We don’t allow bragging about any fish you catch under 8 lbs.  They’re cute and all, but Dude, seriously…

Whether you entertain Corporate Clients or you’re just an Avid Outdoorsman you may prefer our Annual Membership.  It’s less expensive than Golf and less limited than Hunting & Fishing By The Day.   Annual Memberships include Deer Hunting with Bow and arrow, Deer Hunting with Black Powder, Deer Hunting with Gun, Duck hunts, Geese hunts, Turkey hunts, Pheasant Hunts, Quail Hunts, and Trophy Largemouth Fishing, plus you can entertain Clients & bring Guests.  After the hunt you can sit on one of our Lakeside Patios, smoke a cigar, have a drink and enjoy the view while our ranch hands clean your birds.

We have appx. 350 acres on the main ranch and appx. 750 acres under lease just a few miles north with a large population of big bucks, flocks of turkeys, lots of ducks and BIG BASS!  Members also get 50% off Lodge Rentals and Lakeside Log Cabin B&B Rentals, which goes a long way toward keeping your wife happy and as we all know… “When your wife ain’t happy, there ain’t nobody happy!”

Call (918) 494-6000 to book your Hunting & Fishing Trips Today!  And while you’re on the phone let’s talk about getting you an Annual Membership.  They’re cheaper than a psychiatrist.

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