MeadowLake Ranch first opened its doors to the public in 2002.  Since that time we have welcomed thousands of guests from every state in the union and many countries from all over the world.

We have hosted movie actors & famous musicians like Sir Paul McCartney, who by the way is a very normal, down to earth guy and insists on being called ‘Paul’, not ‘Sir Paul’ or ‘Mr. McCartney’.  Paul is less like an international celebrity and more like your playful best friend whose high school pranks got you grounded.

TV shows have been shot here, as well as national commercials and movies, including scenes from a newly released movie called, “The Rock & Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher” (Funny, quirky and available on NetFlix, ITunes and RedBox).

In the summer of 2012 Hearth Productions shot scenes for a suspenseful, cowboy inspired, action filled feature film called, “Where The Sidewalks End” and we were hired to train the actors to ride horses, shoot guns and throw tomahawks & knives.

Guests often tell us their favorite thing about MeadowLake Ranch is that it’s ‘real’.  No fluff, just a working ranch where guests of all ages can learn cowboy skills, get dirty, have fun and even help with chores (if you want to).

You won’t find Hollywood cowboys here with spurs that jingle-jangle-jingle, no paved parking lots or swimming pools, no putt-putt golf or paddle boats!  We don’t wear 10 gallon hats and spontaneously break into song as we dance on tables like “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”.  Sure we wear pistols (but we hardly ever shoot anybody).

MeadowLake Ranch is a throwback to the good old days with gravel roads and a spring-fed lake for a swimmin’ hole.  You can jump off a 10′ limestone bluff, climb up the rocks and do it again.  We use paddles & canoes or jon-boats when we go fishing and we don’t ‘fancy up’ to impress anybody.  The boss works like everybody else and is usually wearing a sweat-stained cowboy hat, red bandana, blue jeans and muddy boots.

So, if you’re looking for a Hollywood dude ranch, just follow the setting sun till you’re knee deep in saltwater.

If you’re looking for a real working ranch where you can rope a straw calf, throw a ‘hawk’, shoot old fashioned six guns and lever action Henry rifles ©, pitch horseshoes, shoot bows & arrows, swim in a lake, catch a fish, paddle a canoe, go on a hayride and sit by an evening campfire… well pardner, you found us.

Thanks to all our guests who have taken the time to drop us a Thank You note.  We wish we could use them all…

Below are a few of the comments our guests have shared: 

I’ve lived in Tulsa all my life and until recently had never heard of MeadowLake Ranch.  My wife and I love exploring new places and seeing new faces.  Recently we had the pleasure of staying at your B & B and we just wanted to say it was one of the best facilities we’ve ever stayed in.  The cabins were clean and neat, the country breakfast was great.  We’ll be back!  

Bill and Jan S.

Jason and I just wanted to thank you for making our wedding so easy.  You and your staff were great to work with.  Our wedding came off without a hitch and all our guests had a great time.  As you know I wasn’t sure there was going to be enough room, but even with over 250 guests there was room to spare.  I’m going to tell all my friends that MeadowLake Ranch is the absolute best place to have their wedding.  Thanks again for everything.

Jason and Liz S.

For the past six years I have traveled at least 30 weeks per year as a software installer.  I’m usually gone 3-5 days per week and because I’m away from home so much I always ask my company to upgrade me from a hotel to a B and B when possible even if I have to pay the difference out of my own pocket.  Being in a place that feels like a “home” instead of a sterile hotel room is worth the difference in price. 

I just wanted to say that staying at MeadowLake Ranch with the lakes and fireplace and whirlpool and king bed is the first place that I’ve stayed that was BETTER than my home.  Keep up the good work and I’ve already told my company that when we have another install in the Tulsa area to just book a cabin for me at your ranch and count me in!  Thanks.

Bob N.

When my church group put me in charge of finding something for our youth group to do together I was nervous.  Then I saw your Dude for a Day thing online and it seemed like it was perfect.  When I told everybody about it they were real excited and when we came out we had so much fun it was unbelievable.  I just wanted to say thanks for letting us be dudes.

Justin R.

Never stayed in a tipi (is that spelled right?) before.  Didn’t know what to expect, but it was fun, fun, fun!  The weather cooperated, your bathrooms were clean, the breakfast was way more than we could eat, Dennis and Tina were nice and the food was really good.  Our favorite part was playing guitar and sitting around the campfire.  It was really nice to meet you and we can’t wait to come back for our second anniversary.

Allen and Anna O.

I own a house cleaning company and I’m a pretty tough critic of hotels and bed and breakfasts where I’ve stayed, but I have to compliment your cleaning staff, our room was sparkling clean.  Beyond that the accommodations were excellent.  I especially appreciated the “Java Dave’s” coffee.  That was a nice touch.  One of those extras that made my family and me feel welcome and cared for.  Excellent hospitality.  Thanks again, we’ll definitely stay here next time we come up to see John’s dad. 

John, Helen, Ally and Michael

P.S.:  The kids loved your hiking trails and Michael was really excited when he saw ducks on the lake next to our cabin.  He said, “Are those Tom’s ducks?”.

When my husband suggested we take our family to a dude ranch for our vacation this year I didn’t know what to expect or even how to find one.  We usually visited family somewhere or went back to Florida where I was raised.  So I went online and compared all the dude ranches I could find and yours seemed to have the most things to do for the best price.  So much so that I was worried that it was too good to be true, but we booked it anyway and I just wanted to tell you it was the best vacation we ever had.  It was everything you promised and more.  The kids were thoroughly entertained and enjoyed the nicknames you gave them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wilson, Hayley, “Miss Oakley” Angie, “Cowgirl” Lynn and “Mad Dog” Brandon 

I just wanted you to know that the two weeks I spent at Meadowlake Ranch were two of the most enjoyable weeks of my life.  As you know I have just come through a painful divorce and was in real need of just spending some ‘alone’ time to work some things out.  I appreciate everything you did for me when I was there.  You left me alone when I needed to be alone and were there to talk when I needed that.  Cabin 3 will always be a magical place for me, kind of like my home away from home.  Thanks again.

Beth W.

We spent our 6th Anniversary in Cabin 1 and I could not have asked for a more relaxing and enjoyable time! The Cabins are very nice and the service and atmosphere was phenomenal! The crew went out of his way to make sure that every need was met and that our stay was a very special experience! All of those that left bad reviews because of a bug in your room or a noisy Tee-pee, Come on! You’re on a working dude ranch! What do you expect!? the Ritz Carlton is down the road! Hats off to the Ranch Manager (Alex)! We will most definitely be “repeat offenders” in the future! And next time, drinks are on me at the pub! Great time!! Great place! Thank you for making our Anniversary a special occasion!!!!

Robin and Mickey 

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