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Meadow Lake Journal and Blog

As you can imagine, things are always moving here at the ranch, so we want to take a personal approach and take you on along with us on the ride! Meadow Lake is a working dude ranch, so while there are fun activities for guests, there are also things going on in the background-- firewood for chimeneas being chopped and delivered, eggs from the chicken coops being collected, cows being born and bred. We hope you enjoy this journal!
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October 26th 2023
Fall at Meadow Lake Ranch

Spending fall at Meadow Lake Ranch can be a wonderful experience for several reasons. Today we're going to show you our top 10 reasons for visiting the ranch this fall:

Scenic Beauty: Of course this is number one for us! Fall is known for its stunning foliage as leaves change colors and create a picturesque landscape. At Meadow Lake Ranch, you can enjoy the vibrant colors of the season, making it an ideal location for nature lovers and photographers.

Outdoor Activities: Fall offers comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, or simply walking in nature, Meadow Lake Ranch provides ample opportunities to engage in these activities. Ask us about our covered wagon rides or s'mores pit setups!

Relaxation: The tranquil atmosphere and the beauty of the season make it a perfect destination for relaxation. You can unwind by the lake, listen to the rustling leaves, or have a picnic while enjoying the crisp autumn air.

Campfires: Fall evenings are perfect for gathering around a campfire. You can toast marshmallows, tell stories, and stargaze while staying warm by the fire.

Wildlife Watching: Fall is a great time for wildlife enthusiasts. You may have the chance to spot various animals preparing for winter, and the ranch's natural setting provides a unique opportunity for bird watching.

Local Festivities: Depending on when you visit Meadow Lake Ranch, you may also have access to local fall festivals and events, such as Tulsa's Oktoberfest, pumpkin patches, or local harvest festivals in downtown Sand Springs, which can add a festive element to your overall experience. Have we mentioned we're only FIFTEEN minutes away from the Gathering Place, Tulsa's incredible, unbeatable park?

Seasonal Cuisine: Fall brings with it a variety of delicious seasonal foods and beverages, from apple cider to pumpkin pie. Many nearby restaurants and markets may offer autumn-inspired menus. Buffalo Beverage Company off Highway 97 is a local favorite, and known for their delicious coffees!

Photography: Whether you're a professional photographer or just enjoy capturing memories, the fall foliage and the ranch's picturesque scenery make for excellent photo opportunities.

Escape from the City: If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, a fall getaway at Meadow Lake Ranch offers a peaceful retreat in a natural setting. But don't worry-- you're not too far away from civilization! Downtown Tulsa is only 15 minutes away!

Family and Friends: Fall at Meadow Lake Ranch can be an ideal setting for quality time with family and friends. You can bond over outdoor activities, create lasting memories, and enjoy each other's company in a beautiful environment.

Overall, spending fall at Meadow Lake Ranch allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the season, connect with nature, and experience a peaceful and relaxing retreat, making it a memorable and rejuvenating experience. We truly hope you're able to join us at Meadow Lake Ranch this fall!
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