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Are you planning a vacation to Tulsa and want something different than the same old hotel experience? Have you ever considered a B&B Tulsa? Bed and breakfasts are overnight stays usually in a big house or in multiple cabins where meals are provided by the staff. Sometimes, a Tulsa B&B will be situated on a farm where you can get a true taste of the rural life, or you may be able to find a B&B on small-town Main Street, close to attractions. Here is a list of why you should consider a B&B for your next Tulsa visit:B&B Tulsa

Ready to Meet People?

A B&B Tulsa, and any B&B for that matter, is known for the relationships built between the business owner, the guests, and the workers. Since you are in a more intimate setting, possibly staying in the upstairs of someone’s house and seeing them at every meal, you will probably get acquainted with them. If the B&B Tulsa offers activities outside of the normal sleep and eat, you will be hanging out with the workers all day. This is something completely different than the impersonal hotel stay where you see the concierge at check-in, then never again. 

The family-atmosphere of a B&B Tulsa can be a turn off to some people; but others love to share their time with other people. With other people around, you are sure to here of the best new attraction or the coolest restaurant to try. That brings me to my next point:

Do You Know Where the Attractions Are?

The South is known for their B&B’s on every corner, and with that comes the Southern hospitality. In the South, people aren’t afraid to share with you the next best thing you have to experience. In your B&B Tulsa, if someone doesn’t tell you the places to check out, then there should be a binder with some local information and recommendations.

If your B&B Tulsa offers other activities, like horseback riding, rafting, tubing, etc. you can usually get a discount if you are a guest. Who said you would have to look far for something to do? 

Good Ol’ Southern Cooking

A plus about booking a B&B Tulsa is the included meals. There are many great restaurants around Tulsa, but never underestimate home-cooking. 

Something I realized about traveling is by the time I get home after eating out for a week straight is that I am ready to have a home-cooked meal. The best meals I ever had were home cooked by the locals, not at some restaurant. Don’t overlook the meals provided for you. Eating in will also save you some money on your trip.

When you are considering a B&B Tulsa, check out Meadow Lake Ranch. Situated on the outskirts of Tulsa in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Meadow Lake Ranch sits on the edge of a beautiful and serene lake. They affer many ranch activities for everyone in the family. They have numerous cabins you can choose to stay in that offer a nice feel. Book your B&B today!