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Getting married is a monumental occasion! You’ll remember your wedding day for years to come. So it’s important to make sure that your wedding day is as wonderful as possible. A ton of time and effort goes into planning any large event, and if that event happens to be a wedding,  there is a ton more that you have to factor in. If you’re in the searching for the best wedding places in Tulsa, Meadowlake Ranch has a number of incredible spots that you are bound to love. Our beautiful ranch is perfect for brides that want that classic rustic feel. As one of the best wedding places in Tulsa, we will do everything that we can to bring the wedding of your dreams to life! Here are some of our best tips for planning the perfect wedding:

Best Wedding Places In Tulsa

Choose Your Venue First.

As one of the best wedding places in Tulsa, we can’t stress enough the importance of choosing and booking your venue before you do anything else. Not only do venues book up quickly, but they also might have certain restrictions that you’ll want to be aware of throughout your planning process. Additionally, we see the venue as a type of canvas to paint your dream wedding upon. When you have a clear picture of your venue, you’ll be able to find elements that blend seamlessly together and enhance the overall picture. If you want to have a wedding at one of the best wedding places in Tulsa, we encourage you to schedule a tour and book early. At peak times of the year, we can be booked up months in advance. Getting your venue book as soon as possible will give you a major leg up in your wedding planning process, and as one of the best wedding places in Tulsa, we’d love for you to have your wedding with us!

Start Early.

When it comes to wedding planning, it can be easy to underestimate the amount of time and effort that is necessary. The months leading up to your big day will slip by before you know it, so starting early will alleviate stress and give you the peace of mind that you will have all of your ducks in a row before you say I do. Planning early will also help you maintain a clear vision for your day, and help you not miss any details that you might have otherwise missed. Starting early will give you the time that you need to thoroughly plan the wedding that you have always wanted. If you want to get married in the area, we have the best wedding places in Tulsa! Starting earlier will also help you make sure that you get the time slot you need at your venue.

Don’t Budge from your Budget!

This is another vital first step in planning your wedding. You will run into big problems down the line if the incredible wedding that you’ve planned doesn’t fit within your budget. Should this happen, you will be forced to make some really difficult decisions as you try to cut unnecessary costs. You can save yourself from some grief by establishing your budget early in the wedding planning process. As a venue with the best wedding places in Tulsa, we want all of the brides that utilize our facilities to have the best wedding possible! And a key component of this is choosing a budget that makes sense for your unique needs and demands. When you are coming up with your budget, try to factor in every little detail possible. Do your research, ask friends that have already gone through the process. With a little due diligence, you should be able to come up with a fairly accurate number as to how much you can expect everything to cost.

Decide Your Guest List.

Deciding upon your guest list can be a tricky situation. Emotions will be high all of your close loved ones will have a strong opinion on the matter. But at the end of the day, it’s your wedding. And you have to choose who you want to be there for this special day. When it comes to planning a wedding, the number of attendees will be one of the biggest deciding factors as far as cost is concerned. If you want a less expensive wedding, then the first area that cuts will need to be made is the guest list. If you have a large and close family, then this could be really difficult. As a venue with the best wedding places in Tulsa, we’ve seen our fair share of family weddings. If you want a smaller wedding, find the people that absolutely can’t imagine not being there, and invite them. If anyone else asks, apologize and tell them it’s a small family wedding. People are understanding and shouldn’t put up too much fuss.

Plan Big Details First.

As a venue with the best wedding places in Tulsa, we know how much fun planning a wedding can be! But when you start, try to prioritize the order in which you do things. We highly recommend viewing it like building a house. You start by finding the location, you lay the foundation, you build a strong and sturdy frame, and then you fill in all the rest of the details once the majority of the home is constructed. Following this model will help you ensure that you have enough money for the larger and necessary items. If you spend smart in these areas, you might be surprised by how much you have left over to spend on all of the details! If you want a wedding at the best wedding places in Tulsa, you should come and tour our facilities. We pride ourselves in keeping maintaining a pristine and magical wedding venue!

Thanks for reading our tips! We hope that you’ve learned something and that you can’t wait to start planning your big day. Remember, if you want one of the best wedding places in Tulsa for your wedding, check us out at Meadowlake Ranch!