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Have you ever asked yourself what makes a good wedding venue? There seems to be so many Tulsa wedding venues to choose from; how do you decide which venue is the one for you? If you are in the middle of planning a wedding, you probably have come to realize that there are many aspects that go into narrowing down the perfect Tulsa wedding venues for you.

The ideal Tulsa wedding venue will differ per person; after all, everyone is made with their specific likes and dislikes. Every bride has a day they dream of that is specific to just them.

Everything about planning a wedding can become stressful very quick. Picking out a wedding dress, deciding who will be on your invite list, matching your wedding colors, and most of all, deciding a wedding venue.  Here are some things to look at to help you decide on what makes great Tulsa wedding venues.

Wedding Venues Tulsa


One of the most important aspects of finding good Tulsa wedding venuesis pricing. Its best to find out the pricing on Tulsa wedding venues before doing any further research to avoid heartbreak if your budget is limited. Luckily, there are a wide range of Tulsa wedding venues, each varying in price. 

Usually when looking at Tulsa wedding venues pricing, the number you see may be a set rate. Other times, the size of the wedding can determine the price you will pay for your venue. Research beforehand to see if there is anyway to cut back.


Ambiance is an important part of every wedding; from table center pieces to music, everything involved in your wedding is going to set a mood and a theme. If you plan well beforehand, you can limit your list of Tulsa wedding venues to cater specifically to the ambiance of your wedding.

There are many different kinds of Tulsa wedding venues out there; barns, ballrooms, gardens, event centers, vineyards. What do you want your wedding to feel like? Plan your feel ahead of time to establish a great memorable wedding.


If you are looking specifically at Tulsa wedding venues to provide the food for your wedding, its important to make sure the food will be good! One of the biggest things people remember about a wedding is the food, especially if it is really bad. 

Make sure the food provided will be well cooked, warm, and tasty. Make sure that the menu will cater to the ambiance of your wedding. Make sure that your wedding guests are in for a good experience.


This applies not only to the venue area, but also food, bathrooms, and everything in between. Visit your list of Tulsa wedding venues beforehand and inspect the cleanliness factor. Remember that you will have family and friends who will remember your special day for a lifetime. In honor and respect to them, make sure you choose a venue that is clean and respectable.

When it comes to the food, inspect how the meals will be prepared and dished out at your Tulsa wedding venues. Do the servers where gloves and hairnets? Is the food prepared fresh will clean pots and pans. Are the correct sanitary methods practiced? This is important to review.

Don’t stress over finding a venue; just make a list of your do’s and don’ts for your perfect Tulsa wedding venue. Determine beforehand what a good wedding venue is to you and what that entails. Start your research! Take friends and family with you to get your input. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself!